Hope in the Snowstorm Ornament by Elijah

Cheerful Holiday Snow Globe Ornament by Grace


This beautiful ornament was designed by Grace, age 14 from Decatur, IN.

In 2017 Grace was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. To treat her condition, she has medication infusions every six weeks as well as an annual colonoscopy and endoscopy. With her family’s high deductible health plan and out pocket costs it was extremely difficult to ensure Grace was receiving the care she desperately needed.

Thanks to multiple grants from UHCCF to help cover the costs of these infusions and procedures, Grace’s disease is currently in remission and her parents hope to keep it that way.

Ornament is made from high quality metal and is 3.25” in diameter. Includes red ribbon, soft protective pouch, and a card that features a photo of Grace and her story.