Grow Hope Seed Packets- Bag of 12 packets


The flowers that will grow from these custom UHCCF Grow Hope seed packets will be a beautiful reminder of all the children who will flourish through UHCCF medical grants.  They will make the perfect gift that will provide long lasting beauty for mother’s, teachers, etc.

The Monarch Butterfly Wildflower Mix is an easy-to-grow mix of 27 wildflowers that will thrive in any sunny location throughout the US. Include 4 different types of Milkweed and a variety of nectar-rich wildflowers. A blend of annuals and perennials provide early and lasting color.

  • Ideal for all regions
  • Full Sun or Half Sun/Half Shade
  • 3-year shelf life when stored in dry area at room temperature
  • When to plant:
    • In spring, wait until frosts are past.
    • You can also plant in summer, but you’ll have to water more.  
    • In fall, plant after killing frost and your seeds will winter over just fine and then sprout for you in early spring.