Hope in the Snowstorm Ornament by Elijah


This sparkling ornament was designed by Elijah, age 23 months from Livonia, MI.

When Elijah was 4 months old, he was diagnosed with plagiocephaly, or flatness of one side of his head. He required a cranial helmet and physical therapy to correct the shape of his skull. Unfortunately, the cost of the helmet combined with weekly physical therapy (PT) caused a financial strain on the family.

A medical grant from UHCCF was able to cover the cost of the helmet and help with weekly PT costs. Elijah is now a happy, healthy, helmet free, little boy who is energetic about life.

Ornament is made from high quality metal and is 3.25” in diameter. Includes red ribbon, soft protective pouch, and a card that features a photo of Elijah and his story.