Oliver & Hope's Adventure Under the Stars® - Hardcover
Oliver & Hope's Superhero Saturday® - Hardcover

Oliver & Hope's Adventure Under the Stars® - Softcover

Type: Book

The moon and stars set the stage for Oliver & Hope's® return in this much-anticipated sequel to the award-winning "Oliver & Hope's Amusing Adventure®".

Come along for the ride as Oliver® the bear and Hope the butterfly join their friends Millie the barn owl and Chewie® the English bulldog for their first camping trip. From fire-breathing dragons and alien spaceship encounters to a circus filled with elephants, giraffes and acrobats spinning in the air, the friends spend the night discovering the beauty of Mother Nature and playing silly games that make the shadows a little less scary and the adventure a whole lot more fun.

The book's simple narrative and beautiful illustrations allow readers to take a front row seat with these friends around the campfire, have some fun and be inspired by their limitless imagination. 

Written by Meg Cadts and beautifully hand-illustrated and painted by Samantha Fitch.

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  • Recommended for ages 3-8 years 
  • Paperback
  • 36 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Mom's Choice Silver Award Winner
  • Dr. Toy's Best Classic Award Winner
  • Creative Child 2021 Book of the Year Award Winner